Lawn Mowing Service

Service Features


We cut all turf areas on the property.


Around all flower beds, fence lines, sidewalks, walls, and trees.


Around the driveway, patio, walkways, and curb.

"Unlimited Mowing"

Beginning in early April and continuing through early November, A Cut Above's lawn care division will maintain the ideal lawn mowing height, of 2 ¾" to 4", and condition of your lawn. We mow every 7-10 days during the growing seasons and every 10-14 days during the slower seasons (Due to weather, the regularity of mowing will vary each month). With our Lawn Mowing Program you're covered for the entire season, no matter how many times we mow. Get unlimited cuts for a flat rate and we'll cut as many times as needed. Please see our Lawn Mowing Faq's for details.

 Our teams are professional and experienced with lawn mowing for residential properties. Combine that with our guarantee that "no job is complete until you deem it a cut above", and you've got a winning recipe!


Townhouse Pricing

Center Unit
$12 per cut avg
Corner Unit
$17 per cut avg

Single Family Home Pricing

1/8 Acre
$25 per cut avg
1/4 Acre
$33 per cut avg
3/8 Acre
$42 per cut avg
1/2 Acre
$51 per cut avg

Pricing Disclaimer: The prices shown are estimates and we'll confirm your property details before sending your same day custom quote. Most of the time we don't need to adjust the pricing from what's shown above, but some properties have special site conditions that need to be recognized.

More questions? Please see our Lawn Mowing FAQ's