Lawn Mowing Service


Beginning in early April and continuing through November, with approximately 26-30 mows, A Cut Above's lawn care division will maintain the ideal lawn mowing height, of 2 ¾" to 4", and condition of your lawn. To ensure a high quality lawn service, all mower blades will be sharpened on a daily basis. The client will need to remove any and all objects such as hoses, tools and toys from the turf areas. A Cut Above will not be responsible for damage to items left out. Turf areas will be mowed with walk behind mowers and tractors. Due to weather, the regularity of mowing will vary each month.  Our teams are professional and are experienced.

String Trimmer: Along with regular mowing, A Cut Above will trim around hard to reach areas that the mower cannot get to, keeping the lawn looking sharp and well groomed. Those areas include, all flower beds, fence lines, sidewalks, walls, and trees.

Edging: ­In conjunction with every mowing session, during the growing season, A Cut Above will edge all sidewalks, curbs, driveways and walkways. All debris from edging will be blown clean from all affected  concrete/asphalt surfaces.

Blowing: ­ All of the grass clippings that are not recycled back into your lawn for nutrients will be blown off of the driveway, patio, sidewalk, curb and walkways.

Bagging: ­ We highly recommend AGAINST the bagging of grass clippings. Please see our Lawn Mowing FAQ's article for more info.

 Key Dates

April – June: Every 6 to 10 days between each lawn mowing visit (weekly lawn mowing)

July – August: 7 to 14 Days (due to a drier climate and slower grass growth)

September - October: 7 to 10 Days between each mow

November: 7 to 14 Days (as the season begins to fade out the grass does not need mowing as often)

More questions?  Please see our Lawn Mowing FAQ's article.