Aeration & Seeding Service


During the spring and fall months, aeration & seeding is a great way to boost the health of your lawn.  Aerating is simply the process of removing small plugs of soil from the turf areas.  This allows better absorption of any nutrients and also allows the seeds to get into the roots of the turf.

Your lawn is constantly compacted throughout the year. Aeration helps relieve this and also reduces Thatch buildup. Lawn aeration & seeding (or “overseeding”) is a great tool for strengthening your lawn’s turf foundation. The root system will become stronger after each application.

Fall aeration & seeding is the most important application. We also highly recommend a Spring application as well due to the damage a lawn takes over the course of a year.


We use a two-man crew for our aeration & seeding service.  Our team is equipped with walk-behind aerators and tow-behind aerators.  We then come behind and apply fresh seed to the recently opened plugs.  Don’t waste time doing it yourself………Let A Cut Above handle all of your lawn care needs.  For more information see our Aeration/Seeding FAQ’s article.