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Service Disclaimers

Release of Liability Disclosure A Cut Above, LLC (ACA) uses safety deflectors on our mowers to minimize the possibility of...
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Lawn Mowing FAQ’s

What’s included with each Mowing Service? What is the “Unlimited Mowing Program”? What is the “Per Cut Mowing” option? When...
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Landscape Cleanup FAQ’s

Why the “A Cut Above” Cleanup Program? What about a One Time Cleanup? What does “A Cut Above” Deluxe Cleanup...
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Compost Top-Dressing FAQ’s

What is Compost Top-Dressing? Adding compost soil to your turf is like giving your lawn a shot of important vitamins...
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One Time Cleanup FAQ’s

What does a One Time Cleanup include? Weeding and re-edging of existing flower beds, trimming of shrubs/hedges, fresh mulch applied,...
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Lawn Fertilizer Program FAQ’s

What’s included with the Lawn Fertilizer Program? What’s included with the Deluxe Lawn Fertilizer Program? What’s the goal of your lawn...
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Aeration/Seeding FAQ’s

Please note that currently Aeration/Seeding is only available with our Lawn Fertilizer Program What is aeration/seeding? Core aeration is a...
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Leaf Service FAQ’s

What’s included with your leaf removal service? A 3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment.  We use backpack blowers,...
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Bed Weeding FAQ’s

What’s included in your bed-weeding service? Bed-weeding service maintains weed growth in flower beds in-between Landscape Cleanup visits. Our team...
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Shrub Trimming FAQ’s

What’s included with the shrub trimming service? Trimming of all shrubs and hedges less than 12′ tall. Please note that...
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Our Design Process

*Please read below to see how we handle our Landscape Installation Design Process.  Our experts are ready to guide you...
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Maintenance Services Overview

Mowing Beginning in early April and continuing through November, with approx. 25-30 mows (annual avg. is 28 cuts), A Cut...
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