Summer Burn

Summer Lawn Burn

Summer Lawn Burn When it get’s really hot outside, it’s important to avoiding creating conditions that favor “Summer Burn”. What is Summer Burn? It’s a clear sign of stress on the turf, usually caused by cutting the grass too short during the hot/dry months. It can also be caused by improper watering of the lawn. […]

lawn mowing

Homeowner Tips: First Spring Lawn Mowing

First Spring Lawn Mowing Tips Spring is here and that means it’s time to get back to making your lawn the best in the neighborhood. But this doesn’t mean you can just dust off the lawn mower and get to work. There are some tips you need to know to insure the first cut of […]

Lawn Weeds

Lawn Weeds During Spring Time

Lawn Weeds During Spring Time Nobody wants to have weeds scattered around their yard. Not only are they an eyesore, they’re also bad for your lawn and flowerbeds. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent weeds from growing, and ways to get rid of them once they’ve grown. Dandelion, crabgrass, ground ivy, white clover, mustard, […]


Should I Remove Fallen Leaves From My Lawn?

Should I Remove Fallen Leaves From My Lawn? Each late fall, as the weather turns, dead leaves begin to fall and take over most lawns. Many clients ask us why it’s important to remove those fallen leaves. Well, there are a few different reasons: Block sunlight from getting to turf/soil Prevents oxygen from flowing in turf areas […]

Grass Length

How Often Should You Cut Your Grass?

How Often Should You Cut Your Grass? One of the questions we hear the most is, “How often should I be cutting my lawn?”.  Well, it depends. During the spring months we’re usually mowing properties every week or so.  That’s because it’s a fast growing season for the turf.  The temps are not too cold […]

Fall Turf Maintenance

Fall Turf Maintenance Essentials

Fall Turf Maintenance Essentials Which applications are important? During the fall season it’s important to take advantage of the cooler temps and consider repairing the turf areas on your property.  The summer months are grueling and the soil and turf both take a real beating.  Now is the best time to Aerate/Seed, Compost, Fertilize, and add Lime […]

Lawn Burn

Dog Urine and Lawn Burn

Avoiding Lawn Burn from Dog Urine Why does it burn the lawn? Dog waste is very high in Nitrogen.  This is usually because diets high in protein produce waste that’s high in Nitrogen, and too much can burn the grass.  This can especially be a problem with lawns that are already receiving regular fertilizer applications.  If […]

Grub Control

Controlling Grubs in Your Lawn

Controlling Grubs in Your Lawn Keep on the lookout for Grubs! If your lawn starts to turn brown and wilt in certain areas, you may have grubs. Grubs are small white larvae of beetles that feed off of grass roots, causing your lawn to brown and wilt. They can be hard to get rid of, so […]

How To Water Your Lawn

How To Properly Water Your Lawn

How To Properly Water Your Lawn Light Watering vs. Deep Soaking We get asked a lot about how to water your lawn correctly.  Many people believe that watering your lawn a little bit every day is the way to keep it healthy, but this isn’t the case….. Ideally, you want to apply one inch of […]


Benefits of Applying Mulch to Flowerbeds

    Applying Mulch – A Cut Above Not only does applying mulch result in a more attractive flowerbed, it also has many other benefits. When you mulch your flowerbeds, you’re helping with weed control, moisture management, soil insulation, soil improvement, and appearance.             An un-mulched flowerbed is very susceptible to weeds. By adding a layer of mulch, […]