Fall Turf Maintenance Essentials

Which applications are important?

During the fall season it’s important to take advantage of the cooler temps and consider repairing the turf areas on your property.  The summer months are grueling and the soil and turf both take a real beating.  Now is the best time to Aerate/Seed, Compost, Fertilize, and add Lime to your lawn.  Continual turf maintenance is the key to a healthy looking yard.
Aeration/Seeding is critical for reversing the effects of soil compaction throughout the yard.  The cores help with the compaction and the seed provides new growth.  Composting is highly recommended because of the bio nutrients it adds to the soil.  It’s like a vitamin boost for the soil.  Lime applications are great for reducing overall soil acidity and of course we always recommend the typical fall turf fertilizer application.  The nitrogen brings that brilliant green out in the grass blades!

Winter is right around the corner and there’s only a small window of opportunity for fall turf maintenance.  The key to long term success with your lawn is to continually monitor and consistently maintain the areas.
Before you know it the ground will be covered with snow and it’ll be a good feeling to know that the lawn was taken care of before the harsh winter moved in!