How To Properly Water Your Lawn

How To Water Your Lawn

Light Watering vs. Deep Soaking

We get asked a lot about how to water your lawn correctly.  Many people believe that watering your lawn a little bit every day is the way to keep it healthy, but this isn’t the case…..

Ideally, you want to apply one inch of water to your lawn per week during the spring and later summer/early fall months.  During the hot months you might want to make that closer to one and a half inches per week.  Watering every day doesn’t work because each watering needs to be a deep soaking.  Doing that everyday would drown the turf grass. The best watering practice is fewer times per week, but a real deep soak for each application. Not only does the amount of times per week matter, the time of day is important as well. It’s best to water in the morning, at or before dawn. This allows the water to soak in but not for too long.  Once the sun rises enough water is lost through evapotranspiration to keep from promoting disease.  Evapotranspiration is the combination of water lost through evaporation and plant transpiration. This is a key factor in keeping your lawn healthy, so it’s important to not water at night. Watering at night allows the water to sit, encouraging disease.