Should I Remove Fallen Leaves From My Lawn?

Each late fall, as the weather turns, dead leaves begin to fall and take over most lawns. Many clients ask us why it’s important to remove those fallen leaves. Well, there are a few different reasons:

  1. Block sunlight from getting to turf/soil
  2. Prevents oxygen from flowing in turf areas
  3. Damp leaves create disease prone conditions
  4. Dead Leaves are an eyesore
Fallen Leaves

Once the leaves begin to pile up, sunlight is blocked from getting through to the soil.  Long term this creates damp conditions, leading to possible lawn disease.  This works against most fall turf treatments which are designed to increase soil health/strength.  The turf and soil are also robbed of important oxygen when smothered with dead leaves, essentially choking the grass.  If sunlight and oxygen are blocked for extended periods of time it raises the risk of disease conditions developing.  Fallen leaves look great temporarily but become an eyesore if left for prolonged periods of time.   Wouldn’t you prefer that nice dark green grass, as opposed to the dark brown damp look?

How Do I Remove the Fallen Leaves?

There are a few different options when it comes to removing the fallen leaves from your lawn. Some prefer to rake and bag the leaves themselves.  Others prefer to hire professionals. There’s even sometimes the option of getting the leaves to the curb and the city/town comes by for collection.  Either of those options is reasonable depending on your own personal time restrictions.
Here at A Cut Above we recommend 2 leaf services, once in November and once more in December.  This ensures both waves of fallen leaves are taken care of before the winter weather is here for good.
Here’s a great outside link for beginners: