Programs and Services

Brief descriptions and links to our FAQ pages are below. If you still need further help don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lawn Fertilizer Program

Lawn Mowing Program

The Annual Mowing Program covers you for the entire mowing season, no matter how many times we cut. It’s one flat annual rate with two payment options. You can prepay for the season and pay less or select 12 interest free monthly payments. We mow every 7-10 days during the growing seasons and every 10-14 days during the slow growth seasons. Your rate is the same no matter what, which makes it easier for budgeting purposes. FAQs

Lawn Fertilizer Program

The program consists of 6 annual visits and includes our soil amendment applications, fertilizer, weed control, and fall aeration/seeding (with fall visit). If you select the deluxe program option you also get spring core aeration & 1 extra summer visit for weed control. The cornerstone of our program is the two annual soil amendment applications. It’s a super vitam booster that’s designed to strengthen overall soil conditions, leading to a flush lawn.  It’s completely natural and organic too! We believe that you can’t create a healthy lawn by spraying lots of herbicides/pesticides on top of the grass. That’s why we’ve created a balanced program that will fix the soil conditions beneath the turf over time, leading to that A Cut Above turf look. FAQs

Lawn Fertilizer Program
Landscaping Mulch Bed

Landscape Cleanup Program

The Cleanup Program keeps the mulch beds looking A Cut Above all year long.  This approach will not only keep your mulch and flower beds looking better, it will keep them healthier and save a lot of money compared to doing 2-3 separate one time cleanups.  The program includes 3 annual cleanups (Spring, Fall, and Winter). The deluxe option adds 6 landscaping maintenance visits in between cleanups. One time cleanups have a larger cost due to the expected overgrowth, which can be avoided with our program.  You’ll end up spending a lot less in the long run! FAQs

Leaf Removal Program

A 2-3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment.  We use backpack blowers, walk behind blowers, and rakes. We bring a leaf vacuum and take the leaves with us. FAQs

Lawn Fertilizer Program

One Time Services

Lawn mowing is not offered as a one time service

Landscape Cleanup

Weeding and re-edging of existing flower beds, trimming of shrubs/hedges, fresh mulch applied, leaf/small debris removal (pre-emergent herbicide is applied to flower beds before mulching during spring time only). FAQs
*Available with or without mulch

Compost Top-Dressing

Adding compost soil to your turf is like giving your lawn a shot of important vitamins and bio nutrients.  The organic matter that’s added to your lawn provides much needed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and micro-organisms.  All of this promotes a healthy soil, and that’s the key to a beautiful turf space. FAQs

Core Aeration & Seeding

Core aeration is a form of lawn aeration where a series of plugs/cores are removed from your lawn.  The machine is the size of a lawn mower and operates comparably.  After the cores/plugs are removed, the area then has seed broadcast over it’s entirety. FAQs

Lime Application (Turf)

The crew applies a granular lime with a walk behind spreader.  We recommend applying lime to the turf at least once every 3 years. The goal is to keep soil ph levels between 6.0 and 7.0

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