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Lawn Mowing Program

In spring, we mow every 7 days to keep up with its rapid growth. As summer arrives with intense heat, we adopt a slightly slower mowing cycle of 7-10 days. As autumn sets in, the turf experiences another surge in growth, prompting us to revert to the 7 day schedule. By end of November, we conclude the season. The total number of cuts we perform in a year, usually around 30, may vary depending on weather conditions.

Lawn Fertilizer Program

Our comprehensive program offers six applications per year, including essential services such as Grub Control. Its primary objective is to enhance the overall health and quality of your lawn's turf-soil ecosystem. But wait, there's more! You also have the option to select supplementary services like Core Aeration & Seeding, Compost Top-Dressing, and Lime Treatment, all aimed at further improving your lawn. By combining our program with regular mowing and watering, your lawn will undoubtedly stand out as being A Cut Above the rest!

Landscape Cleanup Program

Our Cleanup Program ensures year-round maintenance of your mulch beds, providing exceptional appearance and health benefits. By opting for our program, you save money compared to one-time cleanups. The package includes three annual cleanups, five landscaping maintenance visits, and the option to add Spring and Fall Mulching. With our comprehensive approach, you avoid the higher costs of overgrowth typically associated with single cleanups. By choosing our program, you enjoy long-term savings while preserving the beauty of your outdoor space.

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