Government Snow Plowing – A Cut Above

Overnight Snow Plowing - A Cut Above

During the winter months, A Cut Above provides deicing and plowing services for the State of Virginia, and also for Commercial clients.  For VDOT plow operations we have routes located in Reston and Herndon, VA.  There, our crews work as a team to clear major and neighborhood roadways of all accumulated snow.  Once plowing is completed, we then apply a salt or sand solution to prevent overnight icing.  Some storms are just a threat of overnight icing.  In those cases, we send in our liquid pretreating tanks.   Each tank is equipped to hold up to 1500 gallons of our salt brine solution.  A supervisor vehicle follows each pretreating rig, ensuring quality.  We love working with VDOT and look forward to doing our best in helping keep our local streets safe!

On the commercial side of our snow plow business we mostly concentrate on small to medium sized shopping centers, industrial locations, HOA’s, and small business locations.  We manage these accounts with our own fleet of plow vehicles and equipment and, through the use of a few trusted sub contractors.  The team we’ve built has allowed us to effectively manage an ever increasing account base, without compromising quality.

Snow plowing operations has proved to be a great source of winter revenue for our business.  Our goal is to continue to build the snow business alongside our regular landscaping business by concentrating on quality and customer satisfaction!