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Please note that currently Aeration/Seeding is only available with our Lawn Fertilizer Program

What is aeration/seeding?

Core aeration is a form of lawn aeration where a series of plugs/cores are removed from your lawn.  The machine is the size of a lawn mower and operates comparably.  After the cores/plugs are removed, the area then has seed broadcast over it’s entirety.

What’s the purpose of aeration/seeding?

Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and thatch buildup. The cores/plugs create an avenue for oxygen to flow through the soil, increasing overall conditions. The seeding that is applied afterwards promotes fresh grass growth for patchy/damaged areas.

When’s the best time for aeration/seeding?

For cool-season grass, early Fall is the best time of year and Spring is also optimal. Warm-season grass benefits the most from aeration/seeding late Spring, early Summer.

Is the aeration/seeding service included with the Lawn Fertilizer Program?

Yes. Currently our lawn care program includes 6 lawn care applications and aeration/seeding in the Fall.

How deep are the plugs/cores?

We aim for a target depth of 2″-3″ but it depends on the current site conditions and is not guaranteed. Watering the lawn before the service helps soften up the soil and is recommended.

How much seed is applied after aeration?

4lbs of Certified Tall Fescue Blend per 1000 sqft of turf applied.

When can I expect the service to occur?

Program Customers
Spring Aeration & Seeding: Early April – May (depending on weather conditions)
Fall Aeration & Seeding: With fall application #5 (generally Sept – October)

One Time Service
Generally 1-2 weeks from signup, but sooner if possible. Once we receive your order our scheduling team is notified and will “place” your job on the upcoming schedule. Then you’ll be notified via email notification with your expected service date. We’ll notify you again when we’re about 24 hours from start of the job and once the job is completed.

How Much Should I Water?

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How Do I Get A Free Quote?

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