Bed Weeding FAQ’s

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What’s included in your bed-weeding service?

Bed-weeding service maintains weed growth in flower beds in-between Landscape Cleanup visits. Our team hand pulls as many weeds as possible and uses weed killer if needed. This service is part of the Deluxe Cleanup Program.

What type of weed control products are used during the service?

During bed weeding we try and hand pull as many weeds as possible. We may also use Finalsan Herbicide to treat weeds. This option can be removed upon request. It’s our goal to use as little synthetic chemicals when servicing lawn/landscapes.

Can I signup for bed-weeding only?

Current annual program customers may request a bed-weeding only visit at any time. We charge $135 per hour (2 hour minimum) for a team to perform this one time service.

I still see weeds after the service was completed, what should I do?

The crew does their best to remove weeds by hand but for any weeds the can’t be hand-pulled we’ll spray with Finalsan Herbicide. You should start seeing those weeds die off a couple of days after the visit.

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