Bed Weeding FAQ’s

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What’s included in your bed-weeding service?

Bed-weeding is a monthly service that our mowing crews handle while performing the mowing service. It’s intended to stay on top of weed growth in flower beds, in-between Landscape Cleanup services. *We highly recommend a minimum of one cleanup service per season.

Do you use chemicals?

We do our best to minimize chemical usage but we do spot spray with low concentrated roundup. We try and hand-pull weeds as much as possible.

Do I need a cleanup if I sign up for bed-weeding?

Yes.  Bed-weeding is not a substitute for a Landscape Cleanup.  It’s purpose is to maintain flower beds in-between cleanups.

Can I signup for bed-weeding only?

Yes. *We may require a one-time flower bed cleaning fee if no cleanup has been performed.

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