Fall Turf Treatment Special FAQ’s

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What’s included with the “4 services in 1 visit”?

Fertilizer application, aeration/seeding, soil amendment application, and weed spot spraying.

Which fertilizer do you use?

We use Holganix 10-3-2, which is just one ingredient of the Holganix Healthy Grow granular application

What’s in your soil amendment?

For this application we’re using Granular Healthy Grow by Holganix. This is the cornerstone of our lawn applications, Holganix. We’re big believers in creating a healthy lush lawn by treating the soil underneath. Holganix’s soil amendment creates a very healthy soil environment by infusing the soil with live organic matter. We’ve seen amazing results after 1-2 full seasons of using Holganix.

Can you tell me more about aeration/seeding?

Aeration/Seeding FAQ’s

How do you treat the weeds in the lawn?

We spot spray for weeds using a 4 gallon backpack sprayer. It’s always our goal to use the least amount of chemicals possible when treating your lawn. Overuse of chemicals on lawns will damage the turf and it’s terrible for the environment. But, it’s important to us that your lawn looks “A Cut Above”. We approach each lawn with the ultimate goal of treating all of the weeds in the turf.

When is the service performed?

We’re starting at the end of August and will continue through the end of October, weather permitting.

How do we know the service date?

We send email notifications with your scheduled job date soon after signup. You’ll then receive a second notification once your job has been Dispatched (usually within 24 hours of service). Once the service is completed we’ll send your post service notification.

Do I need to be home when the service is performed?

No, most of our clients are not home when the service is performed. We keep you updated with email notifications so you don’t have to worry about the lawn.

How does billing work?

Please see our payment options page for more details.

How Do I Get A Free Quote?

Fill out a Contact Form

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