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What’s included with the Lawn Fertilizer Program?

The program consists of 6 lawn applications, featuring our soil amendment, and also includes fall aeration/seeding and fall lime application.

What are the ingredients you use with your program?

The cornerstone of our program is Holganix (  Holganix is a soil amendment designed to strengthen overall soil conditions, leading to a flush lawn.  It’s completely natural and organic too! We believe that you can’t create a healthy lawn by spraying lots of herbicides/pesticides on top of the grass.  Our goal is to strengthen soil conditions to the point where we can eliminate the use of herbicide/pesticides on your lawn over time.  Each application is formulated to include: Holganix Soil Amendment, Nitrogen, and Weed Control (some herbicides/pesticides are used during first applications to gain control of the weeds.  we “taper” off after that).

What’s the goal of your lawn applications?

Our applications are designed to strengthen overall soil health.  We use Holganix to boost overall soil quality in your lawn.  The bionutrients in the soil amendment creates a healthy soil environment over time, reducing the need for herbicide/pesticides.

How long until I see results?

Our initial spot treatments and nitrogen application will begin to show results almost immediately. Our program is designed to strengthen the overall soil health.  Our soil amendment will begin to show fantastic results after 1-2 seasons.  Consistent applications is the key to building proper soil conditions.

Are the lawn applications harmful to children or pets?

No, our program’s featured product is Holganix Soil Amendment ( and it’s safe for people, pets and watersheds. Building a strong turf/soil ecosystem with organic materials is how our program is focused.  Herbicides and Pesticides are the products that can be harmful to the environment/pets/children if not handled or applied appropriately.  We do use very small amounts for new customers because it takes time for the soil applications to take full effect and most customers prefer to “get on top of” the weeds early on and then let back-off as the program progresses. Even in the cases that we do use herbicides/pesticides we still use up to 80% less than most traditional programs. We can use NO herbicides/pesticides upon request, and it’s the overall long term goal of the program as well. If/when herbicides or pesticides are used we notify you to stay off of the lawn, other than quick animal potty breaks, for 24 hours after service is completed to let the application fully absorb.

*Child and Pet Safety is our number one priority when considering product selections and the main goal of our program is to create a strong turf/soil ecosystem without the use of synthetic chemicals. We LOVE Holganix and what their entire product line/belief system is all about. That’s why our program is built around their products.

Are you licensed to apply chemicals to the property?

Yes. While we don’t like to use herbicides/pesticides we are licensed through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to apply those materials when needed (Commercial License #9497/Applicator Certificate #104143-C)

How do we know the service date?

We send email notifications with your scheduled job date soon after signup. You’ll then receive a second notification once your job has been Dispatched (usually within 24 hours of service). Once the service is completed we’ll send your post service notification.

Do you apply seed to bare areas?

Our team spot seeds during spring and fall visits. Summer temps are too hot for seed to germinate.

Is Compost Top-Dressing included?

No but you can easily add it to your program, just let us know 🙂

How Much Does It Cost?

For more information please see our pricing page

How Does Billing Work?

Please see our payment options page for more details.

How Do I Get A Free Quote?

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