Lawn Fertilizer Program: Materials Used

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App 1 (Granular)

Spring Aeration & Seeding (Deluxe Program Only)

App 2 (Granular)

App 3 (Granular)

App 4 (Granular)

  • Mineral Summer Fertilizer blend 5-0-20 with 10% iron
  • Spot spray with Q4 (broad leaf and grassy weeds) as needed

App 5 (Granular)

Fall Aeration & Seeding (with App 5)

App 6 (Granular)

Weed Controls Used

It is our goal to use as little weed control as possible as the program progresses, and that’s why we spot spray vs blanket spray. We can use No Weed Control upon request.

Lime Application (Add-on)


Compost Top-Dressing (Add-on)

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