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What’s included with each Mowing Service?

Our crews will mow, trim, and edge all existing turf areas on the property. At the end of each service we use our backpack blowers to clear all non-turf areas of loose grass clippings. NOTE: Only existing turf areas are serviced during each visit (wooded areas and/or landscaping beds not included).

What is the “Unlimited Mowing Program”?

The Unlimited Mowing Program covers you for the entire mowing season, no matter how many times we cut. We mow every 7-10 days during the fast growing seasons and every 10-14 days during the slow growth seasons. The weather is different each year and it’s tough to guess how many times we’ll be out. That’s why we came up with “unlimited” cuts. It’s to guarantee that you’re covered for the entire season and won’t have to worry about exactly how many times we come out. Your rate is the same no matter what, which makes it easier for budgeting purposes.  Please note that we need a 5 day notice in advance, and the turf must be at least 2.5″ long, if you have a special request for any additional mowing visits outside of our regular schedule (upcoming party, event, etc.). 

What is the “Per Cut Mowing” option?

The “Per Cut Mowing” option is different from the “Unlimited Mowing Program” because with the Per Cut Option we run your credit card after each cut (CC saved within our secure client portal is required). With the Unlimited Program you get 3 Discounted Payment Options .This means your payments will be higher during the rush periods and lower/none during the slow and winter seasons. It’s still a 12 month agreement but you can cancel anytime. NOTE: With the Per Cut Option we reserve the right to charge 2x if we have to double cut due to the length of the lawn. This usually only occurs during the first cut and/or if the yard is skipped previous weeks.

When does the season start/stop?

The mowing season starts anywhere from March 15th through the first or second week of April. Each season is different due to the weather.  We wrap up the mowing season between the last week of October and the last week of November. Each property is a little different and we’ll make sure to cut accordingly. At this point we stop mowing and begin our fall cleanup and leaf removal for customers who want to prepare their property for the winter months.

How often/which day of the week do you mow?

During the springtime we mow every 7-10 days due to the fast growing conditions.  During the summer we slow to more of a 7-14 day cycle due to the heat. The turf begins to grow fast again during the Fall and we switch to more of a 7-10 day schedule before leading into November when we wrap up the season.  We’ve learned it’s difficult to promise a day of the week due to the ever changing weather. We’ll let you know the “target” day of the week for your cuts via your scheduling notifications.  If weather throws us off schedule. we’ll notify you and work on getting back to our regular rotation as fast as possible.

How soon can you perform the first service? *In Season Only

Our goal is to get your first cut taken care of within 48 hours of signing up.  Sometimes the weather holds us up for a day or so but we catch up really fast! Also, if you signup later in the week, your first mow could be carried over to Monday.  Don’t worry though, we’ll have you on a regular schedule after the first cut.

What times of the day do your crews typically start mowing?

We start our day at the A Cut Above offices in Sterling, VA around 6:30am and it’s usually after 7:30am by the time we get to our first mowing locations. Most local laws require us to wait until after 7am due to noise ordinances.

How short do you cut the grass?

The ideal mowing height for cool season turf is between 2.5″ -4”, depending upon weather conditions. We set our equipment to this range for several reasons. Cutting a lawn too short supports the possibility of scalping the turf. Also, cutting off more than one-third of the height of grass in any single mowing also is very stressful and damaging to lawns.  If you let your grass grow to about four inches and then mow it down to two, for example, you may open the door to disease or further weed growth—even if two inches is the proper height for the grass. At “A Cut Above” our Annual Mowing Program ensures that we’ll constantly take care of your lawn all season.

What type of mowers do you use to cut my lawn?

Our preferred mowers are made by Exmark, an industry leader in professional lawn equipment. For most properties up to 1/2 acre in size we typically use a 36″ (mower deck width) walk behind mower and a 52″ walk behind mower. We use a 60″ riding mower for larger properties that have wide open areas, including “Over 1/2 Acre” properties, HOA Communities, and Commercial Properties. The size/weight of the mowers do not damage the turf or underground irrigation systems. Our crew leaders inspect the turf before each service to confirm the yard is dry enough for a cut. Note: We also have a few mowers of other sizes that are used if needed on a temporary basis, but they’re all within a few inches of the previously mentioned sizes above.

How often should I water my grass?

Do you bag grass clippings?

We highly recommend AGAINST bagging your grass clippings.  Redistributing the grass clippings throughout the lawn is an essential part of a well rounded nutrient program for the turf areas.  Grass clippings should be considered part of the fertilizer program for your lawn. The clippings are packed with extremely important nutrients/microorganisms for the soil/turf, and they also help turn the grass to a perfect shade of green. We use high performance Gator Blades which are mulching blades that are designed to produce smaller grass clippings because they cut the grass blades twice before being discharged back into the lawn.

How do mowing notifications work?

At the end of each week we set our schedule and send an email notification with your expected job date for the upcoming week. Then, you’ll receive a “Crews Dispatched” when we move your service to the crews mobile routing app. In addition, you’ll receive a post service email notification upon the crew wrapping up the route for the day.

Do I need to be home for the service?

You don’t need to be home for the mowing service to be performed. That’s what’s great about the service notifications we have in place here at A Cut Above. You’ll receive an email notification before and after we perform each service, so you’ll know when we’re coming.

Do I need to prepare the lawn before each mowing visit?

Please remove toys/hoses/etc. from the lawn before each visit (A Cut Above is not responsible for damage to any man made object left in the lawn prior to mowing service). Our crew leaders inspect the lawn before each visit but we really appreciate your help with this. Also, please unlock any gates on the property so our equipment can get through.

Why did we skip the property today?

Most likely because the grass was too short. Weather conditions also could be a factor. You’ll receive an email notification if your lawn is skipped with a message including details as to why that happened. We bump the schedule and pickup where we left off when it rains, so you won’t have to wait until the next round of mowing to get cut.

How Does Billing Work?

Please see our payment options page for more details.

How Do I Get A Free Quote?

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