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What’s included with your leaf removal service?

A 3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment.  We use backpack blowers, walk behind blowers, and rakes. We bring a leaf vacuum if signed up for “Removal & Disposal” option.

What’s NOT included with your leaf removal service?

Anything other than blowing/removing the fallen leaves. Please let us know if you have any other lawn/landscaping needs and one of our experts will be more than happy to review one of our available maintenance programs with you.

Does it include removing the leaves from the property, or just bringing them to the curb?

We have 2 options, “To The Curb Only” and “Removal & Disposal”. For the disposal option we bring a leaf vacuum with us.  Some towns have leaf pickup at their curbs twice a season.  In those cases we bring the leaves to the curb (or to the woods, etc.). Please let us know which option works best for your situation.

When is the service performed?

Once in November and once in December. We highly recommend 2 visits due to there essentially being two different “waves” of fallen leaves in our area usually (Nov and Dec).

Do you “bag” the leaves?

Our “To The Curb Only” option does not include bagging of leaves. We leave them in a pile at the curb. This option is usually selected for areas where the local government picks up the leaves at the curb on specified dates. We recommend our “Removal & Disposal” option for those who don’t have local town/government pickup dates.

How much does it cost?

2 Options:

  • $139 per hour (To The Curb Only)
  • $139 per hour + $50 Disposal Fee (Removal & Disposal)

*One Hour Minimum

Timing depends on many factors including, the wetness of the leaves, the thickness/amount of leaves to be moved, distance the leaves need to be moved. Most 1/8 acre and 1/4 acre lots take 1-2 hours. For larger properties please ask for a verbal “rough time estimate”.

How do I signup?

Fill out a Contact Form

Note To Current Customers:

Leaf removal is usually billed separately from our regular programs. We generally charge your payment on file upon completion of each visit.


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