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Beginning in early April and continuing through November, with approx. 25-30 mows (annual avg. is 28 cuts), A Cut Above will maintain the ideal lawn height of 2 ¾” to 4”.  To ensure quality, all mower blades are sharpened daily.  Turf areas will be mowed with walk-behind and/or riding mowers.

  • String Trimmer: Along with regular mowing, A Cut Above will trim around the “hard to reach areas” like flower beds, fence lines, sidewalks, walls, and trees
  • Edging: In conjunction with mowing, A Cut Above will edge all sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and walkways.  All debris from edging will be blown clean from all affected hard surfaces
  • Blowing: All grass clippings that are not recycled back into your lawn for nutrients will be blown off of driveway, patio, sidewalk, curbs, and walkways
  • Bagging: Upon special request, A Cut Above will bag the grass clippings that are not recycled back into your lawn at an additional cost

Key Dates:
Weather being the largest factor, including our annual start date
April-June: every 6-10 days
July-August: every 7-14 days (drier climate)
September-October: every 7-10 days
November: every 7-14 days

mowing faq’s

Lawn Fertilizer Applications

Featuring Holganix(

Each application is has a slightly different mixture of ingredients to compensate for current weather conditions.
Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients we use:

  • Fertilizer – Provides all turf areas with the proper nutrients to thrive
  • Soil Amendment – Holganix combines a highly evolved and concentrated compost tea with active bio-nutrients to naturally promote beautiful green lawn growth
  • Weed Control – Eliminates weeds within turf areas
  • Pre-emergent – Helps prevent selective weeds from germinating within all turf areas
  • Grub Control – Kills subterranean insects that feed on grass roots

lawn fertilizer faq’s


We use professional aerating equipment for this service and use high quality seed from local suppliers.
More about the service:

  • Walk-behind Aerator
  • Tow-behind Aerator
  • Target depth of 2”-3” core plug
  • 4lbs of Certified Tall Fescue Blend seed per 1,000 sqft of turf applied
  • Professional grade spreaders used for seed application
  • Any spillover will be cleared with commercial grade blowers

aeration/seeding faq’s

Lime Application

The crew applies a granular lime with a walk behind spreader.  The goal is to keep soil ph levels between 6.0 and 7.0

lime app info

Compost Top-Dressing

Our teams will apply fresh compost soil to turf area for a much needed nutrient boost.  We only use compost soil that’s loaded with fresh nutrients.
More about the service:

  • Compost certified by US Composting Council
  • Applied depth of ¼”-1”, depending on current soil conditions
  • Commercial blowers to clean-up any spillover onto asphalt or concrete areas

Available as an add-on to Lawn Fertilizer Program

compost faq’s

Landscape Cleanup

  • Cleanup and bag all leaves, small branches, and debris from the lawn and flower bed areas
  • Weeding of all flowerbeds
  • Granular pre-emergent herbicide applied to minimize future weed growth (Spring service only)
  • Prune and shear shrubs and hedges
  • Trimming of ornamental grasses
  • Cut bed edges to a depth of 2-3”
  • Installation of double shredded hardwood mulch
  • Disposal of organic debris
  • Cleanups do not include trimming of any shrubs/hedges/trees over 12′ tall

Fall service does not include leaf removal or pre-emergent
Winter service does not include mulch or pre-emergent and is intended to cleanup loose debris throughout lawn (not a replacement for leaf removal)

cleanup faq’s

Leaf Program

Leaf Removal Service is offered during November and December. We offer two options “To the Curb Only” and “Removal & Disposal”.  A Cut Above recommends 2 visits during that time-frame.
Service Includes:

  • Leaf removal (and disposal if selected)
  • Commercial grade backpack blowers/walk behind blowers
  • Professional leaf vacuum equipped with a truck and/or trailer

leaf service faq’s

*DISCLAIMER: A Cut Above strives to provide the quickest most accurate landscaping quotes anywhere in our industry. While other websites have extensive waiting periods before you can even get an idea of what your service will cost, we provide same day quotes. We accomplish this by using our proprietary software that takes all reasonable efforts in collecting, preparing and streamlining public information data to calculate the most accurate square footage of your property. Then, based on that information we develop the most competitive market price for our services. However, please be aware that due to the rapidly changing nature of property from landscaping additions, new flower beds/gardens, patios or other unforeseen events sometimes the square foot pricing may be inaccurate. If you feel that your quoted square footage does not accurately fit your property, call us immediately so we can correct your price. All final invoiced prices will be based on the most accurate information and will be adjusted up or down accordingly.

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