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General Property Damage
A Cut Above (ACA) uses safety deflectors on our mowers to minimize the possibility of any debris from damaging you or your property. Additionally, ACA does their best to check for debris and other objects that may cause or be damaged before each service but we are not responsible for anything we missed or that was left in service areas. ACA is not responsible for any damage (personnel or property) from items (man-made or natural) that the customer did not remove from the service area prior to the beginning of any of our lawn/landscaping services. Customers agree it is their responsibility to ensure the service area is cleared of debris prior to ACA rendering service. These items include, but are not limited to; any object(s) exposed above ground whether partially or completely, hoses, toys, ornaments and exposed cable or wires, shallow landscape lighting cable, exposed irrigation systems, invisible dog fences, and exposed rocks and sticks.

As a courteously reminder, ACA sends every customer a Pre-Service Dispatch Notification providing our customers advanced notice of your service date. It is encouraged that at that time all customers check their property for loose items and that pets and children are a safe distance from the heavy equipment.

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