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General Property Damage
We use deflectors on our mowers to minimize the possibility of any natural debris from damaging your property. If for any reason a damage occurs and requires attention we’ll promptly get it cleaned up, temporarily covered and begin getting the repair in motion.  However, ACA is not responsible for any damage from man-made items that were not removed from the service area prior to the beginning of your landscaping service. We ask that upon receiving our Pre-Service Dispatch Notification customer check their property for loose items. ACA also checks before each service but is not responsible for anything we missed or left in service areas. Some of these man-made items may include but not limited to; hoses, toys, ornaments and exposed cable, shallow landscape lighting cable, and invisible dog fences.

Irrigation Systems
ACA does its very best to repair any unmarked pipes/cables that aren’t buried at the proper depth. Same goes for broken sprinkler heads or sprinkler nozzles, however since we typically don’t charge for these repairs no warranty applies.

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