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Mulching your flower beds should be considered an important part of your seasonal landscaping plan.  The most obvious reason is because it adds curb appeal to your property.  A nicely mulched flower bed gives visitors a good feeling about the building/home they’re about to enter.  It’s generally “welcoming” for the flower beds to be tightly manicured.  But, there’s also plenty of other reasons why mulching the beds is important.  It helps suppress weed growth, insulates the soil, and more!  Check out below to see some basic information regarding mulch and your landscape.

Why Should You Use it in Your Flower Beds?

  • Helps suppress weed growth
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides insulation to the soil
  • Easy to install

Commonly Used Types

  • Shredded Hardwood
  • Double Shredded Hardwood
  • Pine Straw
  • Pine Bark
  • Compost
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Wood Chips

When to Apply

The best time to mulch is usually mid-spring.  This allows for the soil to warm before it’s insulated with the new mulch.

*A second mulching, before winter, may be beneficial too

How Much Should You Use?

Generally, 1-2 inches is the suggested depth that mulch should be applied.  It really comes down to the type of soil at the property.  Soil infiltration rates differ from one another.  Any soils that are mostly sand will require 3-4 inches because it doesn’t retain water for as long as others.

Check out our YouTube Videos on mulching

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