2022 Updates and Reminders

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Annual Price Increase

Our usual annual price increase for existing customers has been 2.5%. Moving forward the standard annual escalation/pricing increase for existing customers at auto-renewal will be 3.5%. This slight change is due to the ever-increasing cost and annual inflation of items such as, gasoline prices, labor, and landscaping materials.

Client Portal

The client portal has been updated so that you can now see your upcoming and previously completed jobs. You’ll still receive email notifications before & after each service, but outside of those you’ll be able to use the client portal to find that information. NOTE: The client portal will only show jobs that are about a week out.

Online Shop

Our online shop has been updated to create a faster shopping experience. About 50% of the “clicks” needed to checkout online have been removed. We’ve also added multiple payment methods (including crypto!). The fastest and easiest way to signup or addon services is now through the online shop. See The Shop

New Service Menu

We’ve updated our service menu to fix inefficiencies and to create more uniformity with our payment options. All existing customers are “grandfathered-in” and won’t be forced to change/update their current programs/services.

What did we do? We’ve condensed our annual programs from 8 options down to 3, creating an easier shopping experience. The 3 annual programs also now have the same three payment options, which makes more sense compared to previously. All non-annual programs are now treated as “Other Services” and are paid in-full upon signup/checkout within our online shop.

You can view the new menu HERE

Help Center Articles

All of our Help Center Articles have been updated to match our new service menu, payment options, service disclaimers, and our terms & conditions. They’re a great way to get fast answers to your questions. You can find our FAQ pages HERE

Landscape Cleanups

This year we’re experimenting with splitting our cleanups into two visits instead of the usual one visit. The goal is to have one crew perform the “cleanup” and then the second crew performs the “mulch application” soon afterwards. The amount of materials being applied AND removed from properties during cleanups is the reason behind the switch. We’ll be able to stay on schedule better with this setup and it won’t effect the customer experience or final look of the job negatively.

Leaf Removal

For this coming season we’re experimenting with sending one crew out to get the leaves to the street (removal), followed by a separate crew shortly afterwards to use the vacuum (disposal). This will allow us to handle a higher volume of jobs during leaf season, reducing possible delays.

Lawn Fertilizer Program

You’ll notice some new products being used for our program this year. Due to supply chain issues we’re using multiple suppliers this year to source our materials. The quality and ingredients are the same, but we’re making some switches as needed to ensure we stay on schedule with the program. You can see the materials used with our program HERE.

Terms & Conditions

We’ve updated our Terms & Conditions to align with our new service menu and payment options.

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