Landscape Cleanup Service

Two Options

Cleanup Program

3 Cleanups (spring, fall, winter)

One Time Cleanup

1 Cleanup (anytime)

Included With Cleanup

  • Clean up and bag all leaves, small branches and debris from the lawn and flower bed areas.
  • Weeding of all flowerbeds and apply granular pre­-emergent herbicide to minimize future weed growth.
  • Prune and shear shrubs and hedges, as needed, to leave a smooth appearance (up to 12' tall)
  • Trim trees that are 12' tall and smaller
  • Trim ornamental grasses.
  • Install double shredded hardwood mulch with a natural dark brown (colored mulch would be an additional cost)
  • A Cut Above can remove accumulated mulch from the previous season for an additional cost.
  • Cut existing mulch beds to an edge depth of 3".
  • Dispose or blow all organic debris into surrounding natural wooded areas, when accessible.
  • Unless otherwise instructed bagged debris will be left on the curb for trash pick-­up.

Cleanup Program Disclaimer: Fall visit does not include pre-emergent and Winter visit does not include mulch. Please see FAQ's link below.

For more information, please see our Landscape Cleanup FAQ's article.