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Lawn Care


Soil Amendment

Our program includes 2 annual soil amendment applications designed to strengthen overall soil conditions, leading to a flush lawn.  It’s completely natural and organic too!

Easy Online Billing

Our secure online client portal allows for easy online billing and account management. 


In addition to our soil amendment applications we apply a combination of fast-releasing and slow-releasing nitrogen fertilizers to your turf.

Service Notifications

Communication is a strength of ours. Our service notifications let you know when to expect us and when we’ve finished up a recent visit.

Weed Control

It’s our goal to use as little weed control necessary when managing weeds. Less weed control is necessary as the soil amendment begins to take effect.

Cancel Anytime

Our programs are 12 month agreements but you can cancel anytime and only pay for services completed up until that point.

Two Program Options

Lawn Fertilizer Program

The program consists of 6 annual visits and includes our soil amendment applications, fertilizer, weed control, and fall aeration/seeding (with fall visit). The cornerstone of our program is the two annual soil amendment applications. It’s a super vitam booster that’s designed to strengthen overall soil conditions, leading to a flush lawn.  It’s completely natural and organic too! We believe that you can’t create a healthy lawn by spraying lots of herbicides/pesticides on top of the grass. That’s why we’ve created a balanced program that will fix the soil conditions beneath the turf over time, leading to that A Cut Above turf look. FAQs

Deluxe Lawn Fertilizer Program

The program includes the standard program + spring core aeration + 1 extra summer weed control visit. The only difference between the two programs are these two additional services.

We added the spring core aeration service after witnessing amazing results with our properties that were aerated per year. With the 4 seasons that we experience in our area it’s great to relieve compaction twice per year. We also added the second weed control visit to ensure a weed-free lawn before our fall “growth” application. FAQs



Compost Top-Dressing

Adding compost soil to your turf is like giving your lawn a shot of important vitamins and bio-nutrients.  The organic matter that’s added to your lawn provides much-needed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and micro-organisms.


Core Aeration & Seeding

This service is included with both programs but is also available as a one-off service. Spring and Fall are both great times for aeration & seeding because it reduces compaction and promotes new turf growth.


Lime Application

The ideal lawn soil pH level is slightly acidic, between 5.8 and 7.0. Cool-season grasses (Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescues) prefer a slightly higher, or more alkaline, pH. Warm-season grasses prefer a slightly lower, or more acidic, pH.