Lawn Fertilizer Program

The goal of our program is to completely repair soil conditions while eliminating the need for using synthetic chemicals.  We believe that soil quality is directly related to the development of turf. Our soil additive Holganix is designed to infuse the soil with extremely beneficial microorganisms, leading to deep root development, less water needs, and a more resilient plant. We've seen amazing results after 1-2 seasons on Holganix. Another key aspect of our program is overseeding and spot seeding. The number 1 way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to crowd them out via a dense turfgrass.

*Synthetic chemicals are proven to lead to extremely shallow root growth, which makes the turf reliant on chemicals that are terrible for the environment. Our program concentrates on creating such a rich environment in the soil that you don't need herbicides/pesticides. Even though our program contains up to 80% less herbicides/pesticides than traditional programs we know we need to get better.  We're currently in the process of attempting to eliminate herbicides/pesticides completely for the 2018 season.

Transform Your Soil Conditions

Organic Fertilizer

Reduce The Use Of Synthetic Chemicals

Holganix Lawn Fertilizer

Bring Your Soil Back To Life

Organic Ferilizer

6 Annual Visits

Application #1
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment, Pre-Emergent, Herbicide
Early Spring
Application #2
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment, Pre-Emergent, Herbicide
Application #3
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment
Early Summer
Application #4
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment, Grub Control
Application #5
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment, Lime, Aeration/Seeding
Application #6
Fertilizer, Soil Amendment
Late Fall
*Fertilizer Disclaimer: We spot seed bare areas during non summer visits (too hot in the summer for seed to germinate)

For more information, please see our Lawn Fertilizer FAQ's article.

Available Add-Ons: Compost Top-Dressing Service