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The goal of our program is to completely repair soil conditions while minimizing the need of using synthetic chemicals.  The program includes 6 annual applications, featuring our soil amendment. Also included with the program is our fall aeration/seeding and fall lime applications. Soil quality is directly related to the development of turf. Our soil additive Holganix is designed to infuse the soil with extremely beneficial microorganisms, leading to deep root development, less water needs, and a more resilient plant. We've seen amazing results after 1-2 seasons on Holganix. Another key aspect of our program is overseeding and spot seeding. The number 1 way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to crowd them out via a dense turfgrass.

Spot Seeding: We spot seed bare areas during non summer visits (too hot in the summer for seed to germinate)
Available Add-Ons : Compost Top-Dressing Service

Synthetic Chemicals Disclaimer: Synthetic chemicals are proven to lead to extremely shallow root growth, which makes the turf reliant on chemicals that are terrible for the environment. Our program concentrates on creating such a rich environment in the soil that you don't need herbicides/pesticides. Even though our program contains up to 80% less herbicides/pesticides than traditional programs we know we need to get better.  During each application it's out goal to use as little weed control as possible.


6 lawn applications, fertilizer, fall aeration/seeding, fall lime

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Easy customer service and reliable lawn service. The team emails out the schedule each week and then follows up if there are any changes due to weather. So convenient and never left wondering when the next mow is. My yard has looked clean and professional all year. I recommend this company.
Sara Gauldfeldt
Sara Gauldfeldt
00:43 23 Aug 18
A Cut Above Landscaping Service is an excellent name for a company that continually provides service that is truly a cut above any lawn care service that we have ever dealt with! Hands down, the owners know how to run a business that is totally customer service oriented! The accessibility and level of communication between the owners and customers is phenomenal. Moreover, their knowledge of horticulture pays dividends...our lawn is the healthiest it has been in years and it looks absolutely fabulous! We HIGHLY recommend A Cut Above! Homeowners in Leesburg, VA
Pri Vatus
Pri Vatus
05:08 20 Jun 18
A Cut Above is fantastic with their communication and provides excellent service. We always receive an email regarding the timing of our scheduled service, as well as one after it is completed. In addition, we can easily interact with the company and receive rapid responses. In one case, we had guests coming and requested a previously unscheduled service. They agreed with no hesitation, and were out prior to our guests arriving! We recommend them and are very satisfied with their services!
Ann & Jeremy Hurley
Ann & Jeremy Hurley
03:22 02 Jul 18
These guys are excellent! They really know what they are doing and understand lawns. I love the ease of signing up for a new service and there is a lot of education online. Their prices are upfront and right on their website. You can sign-up for services online and never have to deal with a home sales pitch. On the other hand, they also will come out for no extra charge to give you an assessment if you need one. Our lawn didn't grow grass....PERIOD. In less than a year, we need our lawn cut on a weekly basis. I think their lawn treatment, although pricey, is WELL WORTH it. My only suggestion, I wish they could provide winter services - maybe snow removal or holiday lighting! They are so reliable and their costs are reasonable that I would trust to add these services, if available, to my plan.
Melody Caprio
Melody Caprio
21:05 23 May 18
The actual yard service is good. No problems there, but it is their communication with their customers that is really excellent. The automated email notices for when service is going to occur is great, but then after every service there is another email requesting feedback about the service. I've given feedback a few times and they are very responsive and even appreciative to have it. Keep the customer happy!
Scott Tilton
Scott Tilton
18:03 19 Jul 18

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