Leaf Removal Service

Removal & Disposal

A 3 person crew equipped with professional grade equipment.  We use backpack blowers, walk behind blowers, and rakes. We bring a leaf vacuum and take the leaves with us. Leaf Removal FAQs

To The Woods

To The Woods: We gather and blow the leaves into the wooded area on your property. Leaf Removal FAQs



Professional Equipment

Our teams use professional-grade backpack blowers, walk-behind blowers, and a truck-mounted leaf vacuum to rid your property of fallen leaves.


2 Annual Visits

We come once in November and once in December. Additional visits available upon request and at an additional charge.

Easy Online Billing

Our secure online client portal allows for easy online billing and account management. 

Service Notifications

Communication is a strength of ours. Our service notifications let you know when to expect us and when we’ve finished up a recent visit.


During the late fall and early winter months, A Cut Above begins its annual Leaf Removal Service.  Local lawns are completely covered with leaves by the middle of November and our crews will handle leaves in a breeze! Professional leaf removal starts with having powerful equipment, and each crew member has a commercial grade leaf blower (We even use walk-behind leaf blowers!). Our team works together in getting the debris off of the lawn and into our leaf vacuum.  The vacuum sucks up the leaves into the rear of our dump truck.  The truck is outfitted to carry the shredded and compacted leaves to our local disposal facility (If you’ve selected our “To The Woods” option we’ll take the leaves into the woods instead of using the vacuum).

Leaf Removal is performed twice during the fall/winter months.  Once during November and once during December.  We use a 3-man crew for our leaf removal service.  Each crew has the proper tools to efficiently get the debris off the property, in a timely manner.  The leaf vacuum shreds the leaves and shoots them into our dump trucks. 

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