Lawn Mowing Program

Beginning in early April and continuing through early November, A Cut Above’s lawn care division will maintain the ideal lawn mowing height, of 2 ¾” to 4″, and condition of your lawn. We mow every 7-10 days during the growing seasons and every 10-14 days during the slower seasons (Due to weather, the regularity of mowing will vary each month). Get unlimited cuts for a flat rate and we’ll cut as many times as needed (Unlimited Mowing Program) or you can simply be billed after each visit (Per Cut Mowing Program). With our Unlimited Mowing Program you can also choose from 3 discounted payment options! We can spread it out over 12 interest free payments for one year, or we can offer 2.5% – 5% discount for a full year prepay (5% for ACH Checking Prepay and 2.5% for CC Prepay).

Mowing Options

Per Cut Mowing

Billed only after each visit (FAQ’s)
No Payments During Off-Season
Pre and Post Service Notifications
Easy Online Billing

Unlimited Mowing Program

One Flat Annual Rate
Unlimited Cuts (FAQ’s)
Pre and Post Service Notifications
3 Discounted Payment Options

NOTE: Both programs are 12 month agreements from signup date but you can Cancel Anytime

Service Features


We cut all turf areas on the property


Around all flower beds, fence lines, sidewalks, walls, and trees.


Around the driveway, patio, walkways, and curb.

Corporate Guarantee

No job is complete until you deem it A Cut Above