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Lawn Mowing Service



A Cut Above will maintain the ideal lawn height of 2 ¾” to 4”.  To ensure quality, all mower blades are sharpened daily.


A Cut Above will trim around the “hard to reach areas” and edge all sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and walkways.


All walkways, sidewalks, and landscaping beds are cleared of grass clippings after each cut.

Easy Online Billing

Our secure online client portal allows for easy online billing and account management. 

Service Notifications

Communication is a strength of ours. Our service notifications let you know when to expect us and when we’ve finished up a recent visit.

Cancel Anytime

Our programs are 12 month agreements but you can cancel anytime and only pay for services completed up until that point.

Three Program Options

Annual Mowing Program

The Annual Mowing Program covers you for the entire mowing season, no matter how many times we cut. It’s one flat annual rate with two payment options. You can prepay for the season and get a 2.5% discount or stick with the default option of 12 interest free monthly payments. We mow every 7-10 days during the growing seasons and every 10-14 days during the slow growth seasons. Your rate is the same no matter what, which makes it easier for budgeting purposes. FAQs

One Flat Annual Rate

Unlimited Cuts

Pay As You Go (weekly)

The “Pay As You Go” option is different from the Annual Mowing Program because with the Pay As You Go Option we only charge your card on file after each cut is completed (CC saved within our secure client portal is required). This means your payments will be higher during the rush periods and lower/none during the slow and winter seasons because we only charge upon completion of each visit. FAQs

*3 Cut Deposit Due At Signup

Only Billed After Each Cut


No Off-season Billing

Pay As You Go (bi-weekly)

This option is the same as the Pay As You Go (weekly) option except for the fact that we only come every other week during the mowing season. FAQs

*3 Cut Deposit Due At Signup

Only Billed After Each Cut


No Off-season Billing