Pricing is based on total property square footage

Unlimited Mowing Program

UNLIMITED cuts for entire mowing season

$16 per cut avg.
1/8 Acre
$26 per cut avg.
3/8 Acre
$41 per cut avg.
1/2 Acre
$49 per cut avg.
5/8 Acre
$63 per cut avg.
3/4 Acre
$74 per cut avg.
7/8 Acre
$88 per cut avg.
1 Acre
$99 per cut avg.

Lawn Fertilizer Program

6 soil amendment apps, fertilizer, fall aeration & seeding, lime

1/8 Acre
3/8 Acre
1/2 Acre
5/8 Acre
3/4 Acre
7/8 Acre
1 Acre

Landscape Cleanup Program

2 cleanup visits + 5 bed weeding visits + 1 summer shrub & hedge trimming

Starting at
Single Family Home
Starting at

PRICING DISCLAIMER: The pricing presented works for most properties but we'll confirm your property details before giving you your official quote.

Program Add-Ons

Must be paired with at least one program

One Time Landscape Cleanup

billed hourly and upon completion of work

One Time Cleanup
$145 per hour
+ $50 per yard of mulch
3-Person Crew

Program Payment Options

Option 2
Full Prepay
5% Discount
Option 3
8 Payments
Interest Free (Apr-Nov)
Only available w/mowing

Corporate Guarantee
No job is complete until you deem it A Cut Above